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The Trojan Horse of God

Greek mythology tells the story of the trojan horse. The Greeks wanting Troy to think they had won the war seemingly retreated and sent a gift to the city, a giant wooden horse. The enemy would open his gate to this gift, to what appeared to be an innocent and non-threatening gift, and close their gates behind it. That night, the soldiers hidden in that gift would climb out and conquer the city. Any greeks watching the gate from the outside knew that if their men came out, the war was over.

Ressurection morning is us watching gates knowing if our fighter comes out, the war is over. God wanting the enemy to think he had won seemingly retreated and sent a gift, divinity wrapped in flesh and blood. The enemy would open his gate to this gift, to what appeared to be weak and fragile, and close his doors behind it in order to kill him. And the power of God hidden in that gift would be released to conquer the gates of hell, to defeat our enemy and death. When our Savior walked out of the tomb that resurrection morning, he wasn't just walking out of a hole in a cave, he was walking out of hell itself, the war was over.

There are times when the enemy sets up camp in our hearts and minds, times when he appears to be winning the battle. There are times when people seek to take advantage of what they perceive to be a weakness in us. It is in these times that we must be reminded that Christ's victory still stands. The power of resurrection is still working and our God is still destroying enemy camps. So it's ok, take a moment to gather yourself, watch the gates of your enemy, your sickness, your need, or your bondage because one morning soon, your savior is walking out that gate victorious.

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