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Midday Service

"daughters of eve and evenings, waiting to give birth, daughter   of wisdom and whispers that scream through generations as "mama always said", daughter of zion and creation."

Midday Service, Nana

(Pay What You Want)

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This is my why

The poetry of Midday Service examines the author's faith and growing into herself through the highs and lows of life. This was Sonya's first poetry book written, years ag0, during her high school and college years. 

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This Is Midday Service

Some people say their lives have a soundtrack, well the author's life has a church service that's the backdrop of her experience from Invocation to Benediction, or life to death. This poetry is beautifully written with amazing language that create imagery and tell stories. Whether you come needing encouragement or not, the poetry works to increase confidence, gain awareness and overcome trials.

(Pay What You Want)

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