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Journey to Easeir and Lighter

In Journey to Easier and Lighter, Sonya Curtis-Tshuma shares her journey of finding healing and wholeness after experiencing childhood sexual abuse. Learn how this journey is woven throughout Biblical stories and testimonies, offering us a path to follow in Christ. She provides practical tools and an understanding of scripture that reflects God’s love and justice for abuse survivors. Through creative storytelling and poetry, she creates compelling and thought-provoking lessons. Find your journey to overcoming your experiences while drawing closer to God. 

This is my why

It's impossible to write about healing from abuse without mentioning my own story. By sharing my journey, I hope to inspire hope and expectation that women can find healing.

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Dancing Women

This Is Easier and Lighter

Learn the power of God to ease the ability to vocalize our story, forgive and become whole in the process. Learn how God and scripture help lighten the load of pain, regret, guilt and shame to free us for greater joy in life and relationships.

(Pay What You Want)

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Quote Mark

Your insight, approach and blended affirmation/empowerment and balm gave me the courage to read on but the first time I started to read it on my lunch break, the tears came and the small door on that secret compartment drifted ajar.

Quote Mark

This is an excellent Bible and group study about healing from this all-too-common problem. As the back cover reveals, this book is also an excellent resource for individual study.

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